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TradeShot! | PIC & KCC


Photo Credit: Ben Johnson

Photo Credit: Ben Johnson

This past week, PIC hosted a collaborative show with Kellogg Community College in South Kohrman. It was a beautiful collection of photographic work from a very talented group of artists. We’d like to send a huge thank you to Ryan and KCC for collaborating with us! Also, a big thank you goes out to Sarah Spohn and Ben Johnson for installing the work and to Kallie Strazdas and Jessie Harris for deinstalling! We wouldn’t have a show without the help of a wonderful team! Good work, all!

Photo Credit: Ben Johnson

Photo Credit: Ben Johnson

Between light and shadow

Congratulations to Jeff/Dan Morgner for having two consecutive solo Art Hop shows at Diekema Hamann last month!

Despite the cold weather there was a decent turn out for the opening reception of Dans show including the Arts Counsil Director Neil Bremer.




…And you are?

Congratulations to Jaky Nay for completing her senior exhibition!

Jaky’s show went really well. There was a great turn out, a lot of positive feedback and engagement with the work from guests. She even had representative Sean McCann and Neil Bremer come to the show and check out the work. Jaky is appreciative of their support as well as everyone else who came.




Current Exhibition – Diekema|Hamann



As most of you know, our opening reception for the first exhibit at Diekema-Hamann was Friday. We had a decent turnout considering the weather! If you did not get a chance to see the show, it will be up for about a month and a half. The last day is March 22nd.  

The current photograph you see is not the whole show, the convex wall curves around a little further in both directions. There is also two 6 foot walls facing the curved red wall which has work on it too.